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Join us at OKCon

Next week it’s OKCon! cheers

When you check out the program you can see that there are a lot of Open Transport sessions happening. You’re of course most welcome to join in!

On Wednesday between 14:45 and 16:00, we are organising a workshop with various people from our community giving a short lightning talk, but mainly with a discussion on what our future vision should be. This is the program of this workshop:

14:45 Warm word of welcome by Chloé Bonnet
What happened in 2012 and The Open Transport Data manifest by Pieter Colpaert
15:00: 3 lightning talks on “Making Data Available”

  • Tristram Gräbener: & crowdsourcing data

  • Joost Cassee: Creating an open transport data portal

  • Christian Helbling: publicly owned transport companies should have to open up their data by law

15:15 Questions for the 3 talks moderated by Chloé and Pieter
15:30 Plenary discussionWhat tools do we need to make this happen. What extra features can we imagine?

Moderated by Chloé and Pieter

15:50 Future Work

2 lightning talks on “Raising the user experience of being on the road”:

  • Roman Prokofyev: Collecting user history, creating user profiles

  • Chaohai Ding (Skype): Mash up transport data with other datasets to determine accessibility of the location/vehicle

16:00 Thank you and what’s next (bis)

Apps for Culture

On Saturday September 21, 2013 creative developers can get their hands on open cultural datasets during the co-creation event Apps for Culture. The day consists of a hackathon and a session of datatalks brought to you by some inspiring people sharing their experience with open data in/and culture. The event is part of the larger campaign, raising awareness about open data in the cultural and heritage sector in Flanders.


On Saturday the 21st of September 2013: we’ll kick off the day at 10 and plan to end it at 18. By September 1st, you’ll find a detailed programme + timetable on this website.


At Vooruit, located in the centre of Ghent. Just follow the directions on the Vooruit website and you’ll get there in no time – on foot, by car or using public transportation.

What does it cost?

Nothing – it’s all for free! If you register, we’ll even throw in free catering and a goodiebag. So bring your brain, skills, creativity and friends along because all you can do, is win.

Actually this whole app-developing isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’m curious to see what’s happening. What should I do?

The more, the merrier! Register yourself as a visitor and pop in. We gathered a couple of interesting speakers in the afternoon who will talk about open data in/and culture. After the talks session you’re more than welcome to stay around for the award ceremony and the closing drinks. The timetable of the afternoon programme will be communicated from September 1st on. These people confirmed already: Nico Verplancke (iMinds/VIAA/Krook), Patrick Hochstenbach (University Library UGent), Pieter Colpaert (iMinds/OKFN), Maarten Zeinstra (Kennisland – NL), Mathias Van Compernolle (iDrops/MuseumLAB), …

So what happens after the 21st?

As a developer or team, your app can win a prize at the end of the day. However, there’s time until the end of the year to finish off your app. In December 2013, we plan a second (closing) event where all apps will be presented and another award ceremony takes place.

This day is organized by PACKED vzw – Centre of Expertise in Digital Heritage, in cooperation with Open Knowledge Foundation, Creative Commons Belgium and Kunstencentrum Vooruit. is supported by the Flemish Government.

Fork the Open Transport Data manifest

Transportation is a major contemporary issue, which has a direct impact on economic strength, environmental sustainability, and social equity. Accordingly, transport data – largely produced and/or gathered by public sector organisations or semi-private entities, quite often decentrally – represents one of the most valuable sources of (Public Sector) Information (PSI, also called ‘Open Data’), a key policy area for many, including the European Commission.

This is the first paragraph of the Open Transport Data Manifest. During the OKFestival in Helsinki, we organised a PSI sectoral meeting on transport data. The manifest is a summary of the entire day, where all kind of stakeholders from over 15 different countries were invited to help think about informing European travelers as good as possible.

The first slide of the manifest. More on github

The manifesto document was then transformed into an infographic by Miet Claes and Michael Vanderpoorten (both members of iRail). The infographic is also available in slides style. Because we want everyone to be able to help with the manifest, and to reuse this work, we have published the source files on github. We invite you to fork the infographic and use it for your own slides on open transport.

Help sending this infographic to the policy makers who need to see it and let us know on the mailing list.