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Open & Agile Smart Cities meeting

I’ve presented Open Knowledge Belgium at the Open & Agile Smart Cities meeting in Brussels today. The meeting was more focus on Open Data than other kinds of Open. Here are the slides:

If you give a presentation on Open Knowledge Belgium yourself, feel free to reuse the slides.



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Want to become part of the board of directors?

In February 2015, Open Knowledge Belgium will celebrate its third anniversary during the Open Belgium conference ( This is also the time that the official functions within the board of directors have been doing their work for 3 years now. We will be open to accept new people in the board of directors of the vzw/asbl.

More information about what you can apply for and how this election will work, can be found on the “Board of directors 2015-2018 application form“.

Time frame:

  • apply until the end of December
  • voting will happen during January
  • 23d of February during the Open Belgium conference: the start of the new board

The board of directors at Open Knowledge Belgium consists out of: a president, a vice-president, a chief communication officer, a chief finances and all working group coordinators (which are elected through the working groups and not through this form). The 4 functions are voluntary (non-paid but much appreciated) positions. The goal of these 4 of the positions are to make the existence of the working groups as easy as possible. The current “staff” of Open Knowledge Belgium can be found on the staff page. A quick state of the vzw/asbl is summarized in these slides:

Being a board member at Open Knowledge Belgium implies holding a conference call each 3 to 4 months to hold a board meeting where financials and administration are discussed (funding, expenses, possible projects within working groups, etc.), and to reply in a timely fashion on the mailinglist of the board (currently ~5 mails/month) to give your input on on-going discussions.

CC-BY 2.0 OKFN on Flickr

Open Ghent

Open Ghent is an event where we invite everyone to the Lakenhal next to the Belfry in Ghent. Join us in this UNESCO World Heritage protected hall and find out how Ghent, which is also home to the headquarters of Open Knowledge Belgium, has been a pioneer in opening up its data and is still innovating the city up to this day. The location for this event is no coincidence as well. Artoria, a company specialised in historical research and concessionaire of the Belfry was one of the partners of open Summer of code 2014. Together with two #oSoc14 students they created an application for the Belfry in Ghent, based on Open Source Augemented Reality engines and available on GitHub. During this event, Artoria wants to test out the application and gather feedback. But that’s not all. The DataTank which is an open source RESTful data management system, presented by the developers of We Open Data, will present the latest update and the features of the system. Come join us at this free event.


14:00: Introduction on Open Data in Gent

14:25: Short pitch on open Summer of code 2014 and 2015 by Pieter-Jan Pauwels

14:30: Short presentation on how the ‘Belfort app’ became a reality

14:45: Visit to the Belfry aan het Belfort + Feedback on their application

15:30: Presentation of The DataTank and how they want to work with the community in the future.

15:45: Networking drink

Register here:

Third edition of the Open Data Day Flanders (Dutch)

Elk jaar organiseert de Vlaamse overheid de “Open Data Dag in Vlaanderen”. Meer dan 500 deelnemers uit binnen- en buitenland hebben de eerste en tweede editie van dit Open Data evenement bijgewoond.


Dit jaar is de gebruiker van Open Data aan het woord; bedrijven, organisaties, ontwikkelaars en individuen die met Open Data aan de slag gaan. Entrepreneurs en anderen die met deze data en informatie applicaties en web toepassingen bouwen die op hun beurt economische en sociale meerwaarde creëren.

Nationale- en internationale CEO’s, CIO’s en projectmanagers krijgen op deze Open Data Dag in Vlaanderen de gelegenheid hun projecten en applicaties in de schijnwerper te zetten. Zij zullen ons ook vertellen wat hun verwachtingen en aanbevelingen zijn met betrekking tot het Open Databeleid en de beschikbare data feeds, welke nieuwe klemtonen de aanbodzijde moet leggen en waar data-eigenaars verder aandacht moeten aan besteden.

Er is meer. Op deze Open Data Dag in Vlaanderen krijgen data-eigenaars (de entiteiten bij de Vlaamse overheid en de lokale overheid)  en data-gebruikers (geïnteresseerde ontwikkelaars, bedrijven, organisaties en designers), tijdens een “Datadive”, de gelegenheid, in een constructieve dialoog, samen het aanbod en gebruik van die data op elkaar af te stemmen. Er wordt onderzocht wat de behoeften en wensen zijn van de data-gebruiker, op welke wijze data-eigenaars hierop kunnen inspelen, welke projecten er al op stapel staan en op welke wijze deze dialoog verder kunnen continueren.

Ook op 3 oktober, tijdens deze Open Data Dag in Vlaanderen, wordt er een workshop georganiseerd voor ondernemende mensen van kleine en grote bedrijven, maatschappelijke organisaties, kennisinstellingen en overheden, dus voor ondernemers die van een open data idee een concept willen maken, maar ook ondernemers van een bestaande toepassing een open data dienst willen maken.

Kortom, het wordt een bijzonder interessante dag voor iedereen die op welke wijze ook al betrokken mag zijn bij het Open Data gebeuren. Wees er bij, bekijk het volledige programma en registreer alvast hier..

Join us at OKCon

Next week it’s OKCon! cheers

When you check out the program you can see that there are a lot of Open Transport sessions happening. You’re of course most welcome to join in!

On Wednesday between 14:45 and 16:00, we are organising a workshop with various people from our community giving a short lightning talk, but mainly with a discussion on what our future vision should be. This is the program of this workshop:

14:45 Warm word of welcome by Chloé Bonnet
What happened in 2012 and The Open Transport Data manifest by Pieter Colpaert
15:00: 3 lightning talks on “Making Data Available”

  • Tristram Gräbener: & crowdsourcing data

  • Joost Cassee: Creating an open transport data portal

  • Christian Helbling: publicly owned transport companies should have to open up their data by law

15:15 Questions for the 3 talks moderated by Chloé and Pieter
15:30 Plenary discussionWhat tools do we need to make this happen. What extra features can we imagine?

Moderated by Chloé and Pieter

15:50 Future Work

2 lightning talks on “Raising the user experience of being on the road”:

  • Roman Prokofyev: Collecting user history, creating user profiles

  • Chaohai Ding (Skype): Mash up transport data with other datasets to determine accessibility of the location/vehicle

16:00 Thank you and what’s next (bis)