Opening up transit data

In this TEDxGhent talk, Pieter Colpaert explains his PhD in 3 minutes. It’s at the same time 3 simple reasons why it’s better to open up transit information, rather than each party keeping it to themselves:

  1. We don’t want a separate app for each and every transit agency.
  2. We don’t want the transit agencies themselves to decide what questions we will ask to our smartphone when the data would be shared among transit agencies.
  3. We don’t want only 1 private company to build the only application: there are way too many users for this 1 company to come up with an app that works for everyone.

Opening up the data for (new) companies to enrich their services or products and opening up the data for the Web so that smart clients can do their own reasoning over the data, is what we see as the next big innovation in transport information.