iRail hack day invitation

We have a pile of awesome development and markcom work still up for the grabs. In order to celebrate that this work is still up for anyone to do, we’re going to organise the first iRail hack day of 2014!

Register here!

What’s the schedule and who do we need?

The 5th of September at 10am we’re assembling in Ghent (exact location to be announced). We will divide in 3 teams:

1. The hyperRail developers team:

This is a small team who is fixing issues of the hyperRail repository, the engine behind

This team already consists of: Nico┬áVerbruggen, Sam Hendrickx, Brecht Van de Vyvere and myself. There’s still room for more though!

2. The strategic team:

iRail is more than just an app. We’re a community of people that wants to make getting around in Belgium easier by wrangling data. How do we proceed though? What communication channels should we deprecate? Which should we keep? Are you writing our next blog posts, tweets or facebook messages?

3. The app developers and API reusers:

Are you already creating an app on top of the iRail API? Great! Come along and talk with the developers about new features (did you know you will be able gather check-ins in trains from your users with the iRail API?).

Are you someone who is planning to create an app? We’re willing to give you crash courses for your specific platform. Come along!

What do we still need?

– A location for ~10 to 20 people. Can you provide us that? Great! You’re our main sponsor!
– Food and drinks!
– You! (if you fit in one of the 3 groups)

Register here!

So, this first hack day focuses on and its API with a limited amount of people in order to keep productivity. The next hack day will be about adding more datasets such as De Lijn, MIVB/STIB and TEC.