From small business owners, to big governmental organisations, everyone needs to publish opening hours: take for example the museum of fine Arts in the city of Ghent, they publish their opening hours on the site of Visit Ghent. At Visit Ghent, they have made a smart decision to make these opening hours machine readable by adding links in the code of the page towards This way, machines, like the google bots, can recognize opening hours on your page and now, when googling for the museum of fine Arts, the opening hours will be included in the search results. That’s great, but now, imagine that you are part of the City of Ghent and you need to maintain the opening hours of all the points of interests and all the government services. This becomes quite a complex task when the opening hours are stored over and over again on different websites.

With, we introduce a new scheme to structure your opening hours. Instead of using only one calendar file, we now link towards the calendars we want to use and indicate how to combine them. This allows more efficient management of the data. For example, a government service which closes on official holidays can now indicate this once, and they will always remain in sync with the official source.


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