Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium

If you need another reason to open another bottle of champagne: as of the 21st of September, OKFN Belgium has upgraded from a local group to an official OKFN chapter. Since the foundation of the legal structure in February this year, OKFN Belgium didn’t only had some community events (a general meeting and some Apps For X events) and a lot of board meetings, but they have also started 4 working groups.

Our community, iRail, is leading the official Open Transport working group in Belgium and open transport data is one of the main priorities of the Open Knowledge foundation Belgium. It’s needless to say that iRail and OKFN Belgium will be working together tightly in the future.

This means iRail is also getting involved in international projects, together with Open Train Times, OpenOV, opentransilien, the international open transport group, forum virium, trafiklab,  and many others. One of the first things on our list is creating an Open Transport Data Handbook. The Handbook will summarize the experiences from existing companies in opening their data and provide answers to frequently asked questions. If you think you’re perfect for helping out on this, send me a note!

In the mean time we have been working together with OKFN already, for instance to organize Apps For Flanders. There are more Apps For X events coming up and the chance that we will play our part is big.